Do Want Versus Don’t Want

Over the past 18 months, we, as a country focused a LOT on what we DON’T want. (“She’ll bring about the end of the Republic.” “He’ll set us back 50 – maybe 100 – years!”) And now, if you look at the polling numbers, there are more than 59 million Americans focused on one thing: [...]

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Is Your Coaching More “Trick” Than “Treat?”

Chances are your Halloween shopping is done. Your kids have their costumes. You have two or three (or five) bags of candy ready to go. All that’s left to do is man the front door and wait for the neighborhood kids to yell, “Trick or treat!” When it comes to coaching and feedback, we often deliver [...]

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Clarify the Goal for Better Conversations

  How often have you walked away from a conversation and thought, “We got off track” or “What was the point of that discussion” or “What a waste of time; we didn’t accomplish anything.” We can probably agree we’ve all felt this way at one point or another. Both in business and our personal lives [...]

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Make Your Next Conversation Easy and Effective

  The dreaded dilemma of how to address a team member about a mistake, poor performance or to offer constructive feedback can lead to many sleepless nights. Few people look forward to having difficult conversations but the consequences of avoiding them could be costly and lead to bigger problems for your business down the road. [...]

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The Art of Listening

  Studies show that about 80% percent of our day is spent communicating with others and almost half of that is spent listening. We listen more than we read, write or talk, yet we spend little time developing and honing active listening skills. So how do you evaluate your listening skills? Have you ever caught [...]

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