Building a Performance Culture

Our Model: The 4S Conversations® Model is designed to gain alignment for all parties around the goals of conversations and help them see what success looks like for everyone involved. It also addresses the situations and sources that may be getting in the way of the goals and finally, maps out a straightforward solution that is understood and agreed to. In addition to providing a concise, clear path to objectives, practicing the 4S™ method often leaves individuals feeling more empowered, supported and well, more optimistic about their role and intentions within the organization. This leads to a culture of improved conversations, performance and ultimately more successful business outcomes.

Our Approach: Using a combination of 4S™ leading-edge learning solutions, one-on-one coaching, and measurement, Velocity supports clients as they architect, build, and maintain their performance culture. Velocity’s 4S™ solutions combine a dynamic classroom experience with virtual, social and game-based learning.